Your party deserves more than boring old glass drink dispensers and pitchers. Take things to the next level with the Watermelon Keg Kit or the Watermelon Tap® Kit! They’re both perfect conversation starters and will add some personality to your picnic. With a watermelon cocktail keg drink dispenser it’s easy for your guests to serve themselves cool, refreshing watermelon cocktails that will keep the party going all day long.

  • Watermelon Keg Kit


    This handy kit contains everything you need to turn an ordinary watermelon into a one-of-a-kind drink dispenser.

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  • The Watermelon Tap - Deluxe Kit


    This sturdy chrome shank and faucet combo is easily installed into a standard, hollowed-out watermelon and will provide hassle-free dispensing for all your premium cocktail creations.

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